I am a laid-off art director who is now happily self-employed. This is a journal of the things I do, the ideas I have and the things I see.



  1. Good stuff Ring Kong. good stuff. Consider me a reader

    • Thanks!

  2. thundercats movie.

  3. THUNDERCATS HO (for Mike)

    She got a heart of gold like Lion-O
    She it hot and cold uh yeah ya know
    And no she’s not a sprout, not like WilyKat
    And if you don’t believe me I’ll go rat-a-tat-tat
    Catnip catnip – it drives her nuts
    Girl’s like Cheetarah and Pumrya – they all got really nice butts
    I Tyrga her Panthro all day long
    Ever-living like Mumm-ra boy I strong
    She wears shorts in the summer in the winter it’s a scarf
    And all my boys wanna hit it – come on say it now SNARF
    My girl’s a Thundercats Ho.
    My girl’s a Thundercats Ho.
    She’s a WHAT kinda ho?
    My girl’s a Thundercats Ho.

    • Holy CRAP! This needs music.

  4. New hobby for Molly! Reading your blog…….Miss you boo.

    • Miss you too, that is great you got a new iPhone!

  5. and why aren’t my comments showing?

    • you keep getting dumped into my spam filter, not sure why

  6. must be my email address.

    • Now it seems to be working

  7. My comments aren’t showing up either. Dammit.

    • Now they should be!

  8. I am greatly enjoying your witticisms. I think I was most struck by your comparison to your dogs. Also being at home all day I notice myself taking two hour naps at ridiculous times, then replaced by the urge to go find some toys to play with or drink out of a bowl or something. Miss ya Mike! I’m going to knit your dead bug a hat…what with it being a zombie like carcass it must be a bit chilly….

    • HAHA, he would love a little hat.

  9. […] About Posted by: nojobmike | January 2, 2011 […]

  10. Write more!
    The history of bread was a sweet little story.
    I really, really like your page here, Mike.

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