Posted by: Mike Ring | December 18, 2010

An important question

Have you ever had that feeling you are not alone? Like when you are standing in line for Subway at the mall — you know, that shitty one that is not nearly as good as the stand alone Subways, but better than the gas station ones. Who the fuck decides to get a sandwich while pumping gas anyway? “Boy these noxious fumes are really putting me in the mood for a meatball on honey oat that might possibly carry the flavor of refined oil. I should also use the bathroom while I am here and not look at the seat before I sit down.” If this is you, I bet you watch a lot of really shady porn and huff paint. You should probably be ashamed of yourself, but you aren’t because when your neighbor punted you over a fence as a baby, that part of your brain broke. I feel bad for you. Good news is you could probably run for senate.

Anyway, back to the initial question… Wow, that was a stupid question and I can see why I went off on a tangent. If you feel like you are not alone while in a line full of people, it is probably pretty normal. If you feel like you are totally alone, then you might want to seek help. You could even go to the medic station in the mall. I bet that would give them something to talk about. “This idiot came in today complaining of feeling alone while in line to buy a sandwich. We sent him to Spencer Gifts to stare at the black light posters and he totally did it — what an asshole.”

Remember the band Better than Ezra? Well Ezra got pissed and killed them


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