Posted by: Mike Ring | May 26, 2010

There once was a man from Nantucket

Actually, several people come from Nantucket — although I don’t believe I have ever met one. Maybe they don’t like to travel because they think Nantucket is the best place on earth and going elsewhere would be a big waste of time. Wow, they sure are missing out — what closed-mindedness. Oh well, I guess that is a few less people we have to deal with while waiting in line for It’s a Small World. If you just agreed with me, then you have very poor taste in rides, because that one sucks. Why do they still even have it? It is not scary, fun, humorous, wet, dangerous or a good place to eat lunch so therefore it is totally useless. Some parents think their kids will like it, well they won’t, they will just end up making fun of it in a Smlog (that is a blog in the future). Take them on Space Mountain, ignore the “you must be taller than Mickey’s middle finger to ride”, because it is more fun for them to almost slip out of their seats and cheat death.



  1. I once went thru IASW with a little boy who sat at the bottom of the boat and cried thru the entire ride.
    He had far better taste than we realized at the time.
    Wonder whatever became of him? Mike, I think, was his name.

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