Posted by: Mike Ring | March 29, 2010

this a blog post about writing and shit

I am writing a blog post. It is composed of letters, words,  sentences and even paragraphs (probably two). Some of these sentences are poorly structured and may use improper punctuation, but I think that is okay. I think punctuation is something that should be used however we want, and I say fuck the rules! Punctuation doesn’t actually say anything, it just tells us when to pause, when to pause longer, when a list of shit is going to be said, when something has been spoken in dialogue, to stop a sentence, to denote and inflection according to the principles of question asking. Okay well maybe it is important and I should play closer attention — whatever.

This reminds me of a story. Back when I was in high school (attending, but normally not actually paying attention) I got an English assignment to write a fictional story about something you would like to happen in the future. I thought about blowing it off, then decided this may be fun and I should go ahead and actually try to write something decent for once instead of turing in my usual shit. Maybe this would be the assignment that turned me around and made me start paying attention to classes other than Art, and the sciences. Over the next week I really worked hard, tossing out story ideas, doing research, staying up late — I even had it proofread (something I neglect to do on this blog quite frequently). I turned it in and couldn’t have been more proud of myself. That night I went home and started reading Beowulf, because it was assigned and I was going to be a great student. Two days later our papers were returned and my heart was racing with anticipation as the teacher walked around handing our papers back one by one. When she came to me, she looked it it, turned it over to hide the grade (surely an A+) from my potentially jealous neighbors and gave me an odd and unexpected look. I waited until she left and turned it over….. “This paper is too good to have been written by you — F.” Without thinking and before I could stop myself I said, “WHAT THE FUCK?” which got little more than a harsh glare and a “See me after class” from my new worst enemy. I stayed after class and talked to the meanest person on earth, but got absolutely nowhere. She was convinced I had not written the paper and that I was destined to never pen a worthwhile sentence ever in my entire life. The last thing I said to her before storming out of the room was,”Fine, I will just go back to not caring about your class and turn in crap from now on.” which I did.



  1. That teacher – what a bitch!! I’m glad you stood up for yourself. And proud of you for perservering later in life and being so talented and hard-working.
    You poor little thing. But no anymore. And I’ll bet she’s the unhappiest person in the world still.
    Go Mike Go!

  2. Then you told your mom about the teacher, and she went to school and pounded the teacher into the ground.

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