Posted by: Mike Ring | February 23, 2010

thank God for diagrams

burrito wraps

So I cooked up some spicy ground meat with the intention of turning it into a burrito. I pulled a package of wraps out of the fridge, and to my horror they were completely flat!!! Burritos are supposed to be cylindrical—what the fuck was I to do???? At that moment, like a beacon of light directed from God himself, this highly informative step-by-step set of instructions came to my rescue. Apparently these things can be manipulated into tubes by first placing some filling in the center, folding the bottom of the wrap, then folding the left side of the wrap and finally wrapping the whole thing to the right. AMAZING, and if you are confused by what you are supposed to do next, it helps out with that as well—enjoy the great taste of the delicious wrap! I still haven’t figured out if that means you actually eat it, or if you just lick it, because in the drawing the entire thing still seems to be intact, and in all of the other pictures the steps are shown in their completed states.



  1. Apparantly the same person responsible for the tortilla instructions wrote on my Starbuck’s straw
    No plastic straw in hot coffee??? I think maybe they just meant the wrapper. I’ll get back to you on this.

  2. Hey! What’s an Easterner doing fixing burritos anyway?

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