Posted by: Mike Ring | February 22, 2010

25 weeks in review

Thursday marks 25 weeks since I was axed and I think it is time to look back again and review what I have learned. 1. Corn flakes come in a box, a bag, or in bulk 2. Most people around here don’t shovel their sidewalks. I think they like watching little kids dodge traffic while they walk to school — maybe they have made a drinking game out of it? 3. I don’t need a real job. If you treat people with respect instead of pissing them off by acting like a know-it-all douche bag, you will be rewarded when it counts. 4. Jimmy cracked corn and nobody gives a fuck. 5. It is really hard to be funny during the month of February 6. Watching ice dancing is more fun than getting mugged, but not by much. 7. It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, popsicles are always good. 8. Sarah Palin is the most dangerous person on earth. 9. As far as I can tell, there isn’t an Olympic sport that doesn’t make use of ice or snow—seems like you could do something with just the cold. Sub-zero pole vaulting in a speedo maybe? 10. If you talk shit about me, make sure the person you are talking to likes you better. 11. If you get lazy about your blog and don’t keep it up to date, people get annoyed with you. 12. Dogs think it is fun to poop on frozen hills and watch it roll past them. They also like watching you chase it.



  1. I just love the drawing. However, the tree outside looks like a mushroom or…something.

    Why is it that dogs love pooping on frozen hills? It’s wild. Their weight is distributed better on a big hill of ice than a person’s is, so cleaning it up can be challenging as you sink in up to your waist, holding the little clean-up bag in your hand. At least by the time you’re in that position, you don’t have to bend over.

  2. ohhhhh we need to catch up…..

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