Posted by: Mike Ring | February 17, 2010

this is the best website ever — build your own safety sign

Have you ever had the need for a safety sign, but after hours and hours of searching at your local Safety Sign Megastore and Emporium, you just feel like nobody gets you or has ever needed to be warned of the impending doom that plagues you and your community on a daily basis? Well, look no further! Just click this link >> Sign Builder << and your worries will be over. You can make a safety sign for just about anything.

Are you constantly worried that someone might think it is okay to pass gas while they are carrying something of yours? WORRY NO MORE.

If you are concerned that someone might think you have a problem with footwear that doesn’t match. Then you could display this sign to dispel their assumptions.

Do you have an annoying coworker who complains to you all day and doesn’t actually do any fucking work but never seems to get noticed by people who can do something about them?

Is there a lot of racial tension in your office?

Now go have fun.

Special thanks to G Stein for finding this site.



  1. I want to share my signs that I made! (Teresa’s husband)

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