Posted by: Mike Ring | February 1, 2010

facebook advertisers know that your grandpa is a pervert

Any jerk with a couple of bucks can advertise on Facebook now. I keep getting ads like this that seem to be targeting lonely, older,  bi-sexual men who can’t afford gas. I wasn’t sure why, then realized I have my birth year set to 1910 because that is clever and witty and nobody has ever thought to do it before.  Most of these people use the “sex sells” rule of advertising and apply it to just about anything, even when it makes absolutely no sense.

Here are a few examples that just seem a little off.



  1. Just when I wondered when your next blog entry would appear, this showed up! Thanks for the laughs.

  2. Gee those look familiar. Except for the STD’s.

  3. I just peed my pants

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