Posted by: Mike Ring | January 26, 2010

holy shit, I have a blog?

It has been a while since my last post, and some of you probably wondered where the hell I went, some of you don’t care, and some of you don’t read this nonsense anyway so like whatever.

Don’t worry, I didn’t go out and get some job. I am doing a lot of freelance, but I don’t that think makes me fraudulent in my claim to be no job mike. Or does it? You can decide that for yourself, then not tell me about it because I don’t really want to hear it.

ANYWHO… more importantly I have been using my free time to develop an animated series that will launch sometime soon. Go to and sit and wait and don’t do anything else until I post something so you can be sure to be the first person to say how bad it sucks. There will also be other cartoons featured on this site from other collaborators so maybe you will like one of those.



  1. Can’t wait for Peterwagon films to start producing! As to the question you asked but didn’t want us to answer: you’re doing freelance – no way that’s a job. Well, wait, do you live in fear of being laid off by some unqualified jerk who thinks he’s just amazing? Do frightening rumors circulate on a daily basis? Are people around you afraid to invest in big ticket items like meat just in case they lose their jobs? If not, then NO, you don’t have a job. Congratulations!

    • You are absolutely right!!!

  2. Coming soon…how long did that take to write? What a dumb cartoon. You should stick to being jobless..HAHAHA!

    • HAHAHAHAHA, yeah, wtf am I thinking.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun and Im sure it will make me pee my pants (because of the funny).

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