Posted by: Mike Ring | January 11, 2010

random facts about nothing

It is a good day for some random facts that I think are probably true, but won’t ever look up to check their validity.

1. Some people sit around every day smoking crack and then one day they do the laundry instead and think they are ultra productive.

2. Birds don’t like the taste of worms, but eat them anyway because they are too stupid to make hamburgers.

3. Nobody on earth likes Folger’s.

4. Most kids would rather eat brussel sprouts than get tossed out of a moving train.

5. People who say they enjoy going to status meetings are secretly Communists.

6. Pigs take 30,000 breaths per day and burp twice.

7. Nobody likes it when you complement them on their punctuation.

8. Most garbage men are neat freaks.

9. Gravy was invented after someone threw up on a roast and pretended they didn’t and then wouldn’t share the recipe.

10. Library workers are more likely to drown than fishermen.



  1. You are demonstrating some excellent usage of the apostrophe. Well done!

  2. I like when people give me props for punctuation; don’t you?

  3. wow.

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