Posted by: Mike Ring | January 7, 2010

the National Guard theatrical ad “At This Moment” makes me want to stop watching movies, or start going late

I mean absolutely no disrespect to the National Guard; they do amazing things and are amazing people, but this thing is just terrible and I am scared of people who like it.

I assume this is targeted to kids in their late teens to early twenties. It know it has been a little while since I was eighteen, but I don’t remember liking opera. This soundtrack is terrible, it drones on and on and on and oh my god kill me. Using something epic and theatrical is good and makes sense especially where this is being viewed, but this song is fucking awful and nobody likes it, not even the people who say they do like it. Secondly, they forgot to do the sound design. This literally is a song played over footage. For those of you who are like “what the hell is this douche bag talking about” go back and watch it again, yep it sucks, sorry you had to watch it again. Now go watch a movie trailer for anything else and hear what you are missing, the sound designer added 95% of those sounds. The sound designer for this spot must have been dead because he didn’t do anything.

There are just too many mistakes in this crap fest to comment on, but credit has to go to my wife for spotting the absolute worst one. At 1:06 we see a soldier picking up the Walburns’s family album. It looks like it survived the bomb, fire, meth lab gone bad, or whatever very well. Then four seconds later at 1:10 the soldier hands it to the kids and it is a horrible dirty mess… what the fuck? Are they telling us not to let the National Guard help us find things after fires because they will get them all dirty? Better call in the Army (a military branch which usually has great marketing) if you want it done right. I don’t think that is the message they want to portray.

The editing here is also chaotic — we can just look at the same scene as above. After the disappointed kids get their ruined album back we transition with the title “I Will Never Leave a Fallen Comrade” to some combat scene from god knows where, then randomly we go back to the house where they found a hooker. There was no reason for this here, maybe they forgot to shoot another scene where they were saving someone in the combat set so just shoved it in there hoping we wouldn’t notice or just figured we were asleep by this point.

The National Guard also seems to run only in slow motion. I can’t watch this thing any longer so I have to stop writing about it — it’s truly that terrible. Now I have that song stuck in my head, which is worse than getting a colonoscopy without sedation.



  1. Maybe the ads would be better if the narrator was
    John Siegenthatler?

  2. …thaler

  3. Oh my god, Sheila and I commented on this when we saw that craptastic Avatar. I’m sure the creative brief said “I want something theatrical” and then the ex-soft core porn director took it to an extreme. Just awful.

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