Posted by: Mike Ring | January 6, 2010

if you ever need to go on an antidepressant, don’t let it be this one

I really have no idea if this medication is good or not, but you should refuse to take it just as a matter of principle. There are plenty of other antidepressants out there, and I am sure they do the exact same thing — make you not sad. You should not use this medication because this ad is the biggest pile of shit that has ever been created, and this poor actress is never going to get work again because of it. First, why are you so close in at the beginning of this of this spot Mr. Director of Photography? You are okay to start with, but then we zoom waaaaaaaaay the hell in for emphasis. We all get that she has been crying, but you don’t need to crop in just above the lip line so she looks like a mouthless butt face.

I have read a lot of responses to the YouTube postings of this ad and a lot of them harp on the quote “Pristiq is THOUGHT to work by….” These people are appalled that they don’t actually know for sure how it works. You seriously couldn’t find a more pressing matter to talk about in this ad than this? Doctors don’t know why most medications work, that is true, but if you are going to comment on a posting of an ad of this caliber, you can’t ignore the elephant in the room you idiots. I mean really — JUST SAY IT — this family has no fucking clue how to play baseball. When you hit the fucking ball, you are supposed to run to your right — YOUR RIGHT — not straight out at the pitcher, unless you are going to punch him in the face, and then continue to run out onto the infield — which in this case is a mother next to a picnic table with 2 badminton rackets, a shuttlecock and a soccer ball… wait, what fucking sport are these people playing. I think this medication might be causing serious side effects — “Warning this medication may cause retardedness, specifically in the ability to remember how to play certain sports.”

Yeah that doll is fucking creepy.



  1. maybe she wouldn’t feel so bad if she’d just stop taking that wind up voodoo doll with her everywhere…or someone should just explain to her how voodoo dolls work in the first place. OH I’M SUPPOSED TO USE IT TO AFFECT OTHERS??? FUCK!! She must have been the obvious tourist after New Orleans started up again.

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