Posted by: Mike Ring | December 2, 2009

new feature added

If you look over at the top right of this page you will see a brand new feature! You can get an email notification from this blog whenever I decide to write something. Millions and millions of people have asked me to do this, so I finally broke down and looked through the free widgets offers and found this one. If you look a little lower on the right side you will see that I may be exaggerating slightly about this number, but whatever. If I had millions of readers, I would never have to have a real job again. Think of all the fun things I could do with that money — I could build a fort, buy and cow and teach him to moo or open my own banana hut (although that would technically be a job, so if the idea was to not have a job, that would be pretty lame). Anyway, sign up if you want even more email than you already get. I guarantee it will be more exciting than most of the other stuff you get, like “I am out of the office today, back tomorrow” or “check out this YouTube video that you saw 8 years ago and is only funny to me” or “donuts in the kitchen” — the last one should be more exciting than my blog, but when you get to the kitchen the only donut left will be plain, have a chunk missing, and you will walk away sad. Poor you, I am really sorry that you didn’t get the cream filled one, but that asshole that sits close to the kitchen already took it, and isn’t going to share. Next time you see his cube empty go fart in it, I mean what a jerk.


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