Posted by: Mike Ring | November 18, 2009

i am a moron at 4am


Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with what I think is an amazing idea, and cannot go back to sleep until I write it down. When I read it the next morning it usually turns out to be shit, like “write a movie about a talking cabbage” or something just as dumb. I know many people do this and I wonder how often those ideas wind up being anything useful. I would say mine are about 10 to 1. Last night I woke up thinking about something and wrote it down like normal. I just now remembered this happened so a rushed upstairs to see the gem I left for myself, hoping it was something I could use for today. Well, no luck, because the pen I was using wasn’t functioning properly and I must been too asleep because I don’t know of any words that have “azz7i” in them. I think the strangest thing that I ever left for myself was “Go Pee!” I imagine I had woken up with the urge to urinate and got confused about what I was supposed to do about it — and no I do not take drugs to help me sleep so I can’t use that as an excuse.



  1. I once wrote “each person in the shot should have an orange shirt on” The problem is, i was neither shooting anything nor had any plans to shoot anything with orange people. My wife jotted down “just tell him the truth” one night and in the morning I was really, really nervous. She has no recollection of writing it or any idea of the meaning…or does she?…hmmm…

    • Wow, that is pretty unnerving! Maybe it was just about dropping your toothbrush in the toilet or something.

  2. Duh. You were obviously writing “ZZZZZZZZ” to indicate that you were sleeping.


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