Posted by: Mike Ring | November 6, 2009

i have to write in my blog today so I can say I did it every day this week

On Monday I set a goal for myself to write an entry every day this week. I figured that if I could manage that, I could set a new goal to write every day for a month no matter how busy I get. This morning I am feeling very uninspired and was having a hard time of thinking of anything good to post so I decided to write about that. I have several incomplete drafts that I could go back to and try to finish, but I suppose I stopped working on them for a reason — they were just fucking stupid. Here are some of the titles: a week in review; some guy broke into our house in the middle of the night and tried to kill us; having no job is kinda cool; this thing never lived; March 30, 1981; no offense, but I don’t like it when complete strangers wish me Merry Christmas. I think on the right day one or two of those might be fun to finish, but otherwise they are completely lame. You know what? I really don’t understand smooth rock, light jazz or performance art. I guess a lot of people do, so that is good.


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