Posted by: Mike Ring | November 5, 2009

nothing interesting happened in 1903


This is a new exhibit in the American History museum. I was going to make up something stupid about it like normal, but realized it was absurd on its own. This is an exhibit of a guy who got his car stuck in the mud, and another guy getting the car unstuck. There is absolutely nothing interesting going on here. Who decided this was a good idea? I bet it was some new boss who had no qualifications for his position. He comes in and says, “I have a brilliant idea — everything in this museum has great historical significance, so lets do something that the average person can relate to — like getting a car stuck in the mud.” A few people in the room spoke up and got fired so everyone else learned to shut the fuck up and just let him make a fool of himself. Later on in this section of the museum you get to see a traffic jam — yes, seriously.


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