Posted by: Mike Ring | November 4, 2009

8 weeks in review

So 10:23 tomorrow morning will mark my 8-week anniversary of getting laid-off and it has given me some time to reflect — I have learned some important things. 1. Regis can’t do math. He said, “Kids today watch an average of 32 hours of TV per week, that is 6 hours a day! WOW Kelly, can you believe it?” I guess Saturday and Sunday don’t count as days of the week anymore. 2. People shower too much, you can really go 3 or 4 days before you start offending those around you. 3. Cleaning the bathroom never becomes enjoyable. 4. If you don’t put away the laundry after washing it, you still don’t have any cloths to wear. 5. If you drink to much coffee in a short period of time, it acts like a laxative. 6. When God farts, he opens a window (or something like that). 7. People think you should really be way more upset than you really are when you get laid-off. 8. Food Lion sucks no matter what time of day you go there. 9. The Apple store in Columbia is closed for remodeling. 1o. You very quickly learn who was your friend at work and who wasn’t — it is surprising both ways. 11. The best way to get over the anxiety of potentially getting laid-off, is to get laid-off. 12. The Bird is now and always will be the word.



  1. Absolutely best one yet. Only thing, you might consider #2. Today is my one-year anniversary.
    Of? Getting the Pulitzer Prize? No. My wedding to Dr. Sanjay Gupta? No.
    I can SO relate!

  2. Okay I meant re-consider. Seriously.

  3. I enjoyed last weeks posts, especially this one!

    • Ha, thanks! Good luck on the new job.

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