Posted by: Mike Ring | October 20, 2009

when Neanderthal children misbehave

This exhibit was labeled “Neanderthal Burial” and had a touching description of how this ancient race treated the dead. The scene was recreated based on archaeological data gathered from many different sites. I don’t know about you, but I think they got it completely wrong. If you look closely, a few small details just don’t support their claims. This is what is really going on.




  1. “Thwomp” is the funniest part of this. You waltzed right up to “OMG, this is sick” but with the exception of the second picture, didn’t quite go over the line. Hilarious as usual.

  2. Somehow this makes me feel way better about our homemade Halloween costumes this year. My kids looked way cooler than this Neanderthal family and I’m glad I didn’t go with the off-the-shoulder number I was contemplating. Neanderthal Mom in this story just proves that look is timelessly bad (someone should tell Janet Jackson). However, I do think our modern day mullet wigs are way better coiffed than these. I feel sorry for this family and somehow more fortunate about my own. Thanks for your inspiring work, MIke.

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