Posted by: Mike Ring | October 9, 2009

if you are going to vandalize, you better make it awesome

nonameI was out and about last night and really had to pee, so I did the logical thing and went to the bathroom. I tell you what, I am glad I did or I have made a mess. I also would not have found this lovely bit of vandalism on the way in. This sign was significant for two reasons: The first being that I really felt like skipping and spinning around in circles while singing “The hills are alive with the sound of music…” but the this sign warned me it would be hazardous so I held it in; Secondly, this is an amazing bit of art. Well, I think it was art, because I was not kicked in the face and there weren’t any ninja looking type guys in any of the stalls — unless I didn’t see them, because they are ninjas. They also probably wouldn’t warn you they were going to kick you in the face by putting out a sign. Yeah, there were no ninjas. The guy who created artwork needs to win something.


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