Posted by: Mike Ring | October 8, 2009

mmmm — well hello there

DSCN1087_1I am Silo, the god of sexy, and I am forever enshrined in this glorious wall painting between some cavemen and a goat skeleton. I am dressed as a simple sheep guard, but if you look into my eyes you will easily see through this disguise. You may ask yourself, why would someone with such beauty need to hide himself under this leather condom hat? It is because I am too sexy, and jealousy rages in this land — so I stand here and wait — wait for people of your time to look deep into my soul and experience my sexiness through this beautiful rendering. Everything in this world is in love with me. The river in the distance is filled with tears of the fish who cannot have me. If I were to reveal myself, the sheep behind me would immediately mount me, and Kyle here would do the same. In fact, he did a few minutes ago, but I erased his memory with my mind power and now I am tired. I would sleep, but the consequences would be too great. I must stay awake —  forever awake. I need some pancakes.



  1. yup. new career. just sayin

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