Posted by: Mike Ring | October 7, 2009


When I was a wee lad, my friend Mike and I invented a game that was so fun; it literally made you piss yourself. (I am sure a lot of kids did this, but we did it first so deal with it.) The game was called Ba-Boing® and oh my fucking god it was amazing. Basically you find a long big board (not too rotted), some cinder blocks and a chair or small ladder, and you are set. The game was simple. 1. Create a lever and fulcrum with the board and blocks — setting the fulcrum about one foot off center. The better you get, the more blocks you can use. We were so good we could use about 14… I think. 2. Put the chair or small ladder next to the shorter side of the board. 3. One person (the Flyer) stands on the long end of board and bends his knees like he is getting ready to jump. 4. The second person (the Boinger) climbs the ladder. 5. When both people are ready, the Boinger screams BA-BOING® at the top of their lungs and jumps as hard as he can on his end of the board — simultaneously the Flyer also jumps as hard as he can. When the timing is perfect, the Flyer shoots about 147 feet into the air. When the timing is not right it can be disastrous. If the Flyer jumps too soon, the board will swing up and hit him in the legs causing sudden death. If the flyer jumps too late, the energy from the Boinger is lost and you both look like a couple of wanks in front the people you were trying to impress. If the jumper stands up strait and firmly plants himself, the board will break and the boinger will fall, usually into the ladder, and die. This game was very dangerous, we both died several times.


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