Posted by: Mike Ring | October 6, 2009

this is cute

I came across this drawing during my museum trip last week and I really think it speaks volumes about how we have evolved as a society. I don’t remember when this was created, but lets just say it was 1875. This is a depiction of best friends enjoying the opera. Archibald, the man with the dark hair, and Kevin, obviously the blonde fellow, were having a discussion about the steam engine. A few minutes into it, Archibald offers Kevin a Tic Tac because the nachos bell grande he had before the opera was lingering heavily on his breath. Kevin said, “No thank you.” and then continued. Becoming agitated, Archibald again offered a Tic Tac, and says, “No seriously Kevin, your breath smells like a hooker, take this Tic Tac or I am going to do something so crazy it will make that guy over there with a sketchbook want to draw it.” Kevin says he is allergic to Tic Tacs and apologizes. Archibald, then jumps out of his seat, grabs the knitting needle and yarn from the old lady next to him and starts sewing Kevin’s lips shut while slowly pushing his knee in his crotch. After a few minutes they realized they were in love and started making out, becoming the first openly gay couple in America. The left side of the auditorium stood and cheered.



  1. They look like they were wearing diapers under their clothes. Perhaps I should’ve put mine on today because I laughed so hard at your next entry, I peed a little.

    Back to the homosexuals in this photo…I will look for them at the March for Equality Rally this weekend. Shouldn’t be hard to spot 2 men in diapers, one of them with a knitting needle sticking out of his face. I’ll tell them you say hello.

    • Please do!

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