Posted by: Mike Ring | October 2, 2009

some guy just walked past my house

I am bored, and things like people walking past my house have become interesting. I hope I am not turning into one of those people you always see peeking out their windows at you as you walk past their houses, but based on what I am doing today, I totally have. Today some guy with a dog past my house, someone rode a bike past my house, somebody drove past my house, some kids walked past my house, another person on a bike rode past my house, a squirrel walked past my house and my dogs barked at it, the garbage man drove past my house — but it is not trash day so that is strange, a tree is outside my house and has been all day, some old man in a hat walked past my house, more old people walked past my house, it rained for a while so people stopped walking past my house, more cars past my house, some guy playing the banjo eating some corn past my house — hahaha no he didn’t.

I am so sorry for this post.



  1. Past?

    • Hahaha yeah, probably, I was no English major and you have a lovely name.

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