Posted by: Mike Ring | September 29, 2009

yeah I took your picture, so what?

idiot_in_flowersSeveral years ago my friend Toby and I drove up to Niagara Falls because we had nothing better to do. When we got there we were horribly disappointed to find out it was basically just a big mall, but then were happy again once we got into Canada. Anyway, when we were walking around we came across this couple who were in the middle of an argument. The guy was whining like a little baby “…but I don’t wanna go get my picture taken by the flowers.” His wife replies, “You are gonna get into those flowers and you are gonna fuckin’ like it.” They go back and forth a bit and the guy finally gives up. He stomps off into the scene with his head hanging low. He stands there all antsy and annoyed grumbling to himself “I should have been gay.” His wife yells at him,  “look happy dammit, this might be our Christmas card — is it that hard to look like you are enjoying yourself idiot?” Toby and I stand there watching, and in his moment of absolute humility I do the right thing and take this picture. Doesn’t he look sad? Look at his body language, he is completely hopeless and we made it worse for him. He looked over at us with look of horror, but that quickly faded and his head just sunk lower. We later felt kind of bad for him. I wonder how the picture his wife took came out? His jean shorts are pulled up too high.



  1. hehehe..good times

  2. A litle tip for any other senior citizen fans of this blog: PEE FIRST.

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