Posted by: Mike Ring | September 28, 2009

this post is going to be really really boring so you should probably not read it

I am sitting at my desk typing. I have a glass in front of me and two coffee cups. One of them still has coffee in it, but I forgot I had it and got the second cup when I was upstairs. When I got down here and saw the half empty cup (yes I am a pessimist today) I became annoyed. I quickly got over it and drank the new one because the old one just seemed used to me even though it was still kind of hot. I have a flashlight on my desk and don’t remember putting in there. I wonder why I did. I wonder if it even works…. yep it does. I should use it when it is dark ā€” I could pretend I was spelunking. I have a DigitalDesign m-box midi interface on my desk and most of you don’t know what that is. I have a scanner and printer; the last one to be used was the scanner. My ipod is shoved under my monitor. I hope I don’t push it farther out of sight or I will never find it again. My speakers are set to volume level 5, not sure why 5, but it seems to be a reasonable volume. I just had a sip of coffee from that old cup, I shouldn’t have. Under my m-box is some paper ā€” not sure what it is and I am not going to find out. I have 3 pens, 2 guitar picks and some random cords. That is all that I have on my desk. What is twitter for?



  1. Of course I read it and am now reading all your other entries. I’m worried, you need a hobby, a diversion to being one of the animals in your home. An to not stand in the corner like your lamp.

    HAHAHA – all very funny.
    Talk soon, LB

  2. you make me smiLE everyday

  3. Mike, Your posts are hysterical. I read this one to Rich. I had a similar experience in the YMCA women’s locker room. The only difference: the conversation was about various surgeries.

  4. I recognize that feeling of approaching insanity my nephew!!
    It’ll pass. And come back. And… well you get it.
    RollerCoaster City.

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