Posted by: Mike Ring | September 23, 2009

i am turning into a dog

When my wife Jess worked form home a lot, she started to take on a few of our dogs’ mannerisms, like sighing a lot when she got bored. Since I have been home alone during the day, I too am starting to pick up some habits from them—like flopping on the couch, or running out the back door to chase rabbits, and shitting in the yard—okay well maybe not that. I have been crawling around the floor a lot barking and nudging them with my head. They thought this was fun for a while, but now I think they are getting annoyed with me for mocking them. I catch them whispering to each other behind my back. I don’t mean any disrespect, I just want to fit in. I think I might be the village idiot.



  1. We love village idiots!

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