Posted by: Mike Ring | September 22, 2009

some people must think everyone on earth is a complete asshole

You know those people who no matter how hard you try you just can’t be nice to. You kind of feel bad about it, at least a little—or you pretend to feel bad about just to convince yourself that you are decent human being? I have known a few of these people in my life, and with all of them, I know that everyone else around them feels the same way. Since I have nothing to do, I decided to think about this for a bit and have come to the conclusion that you should feel okay about it because there is no logical reason to be nice to these people. I mean think about it, if everyone they come into contact with treats them like shit, then they just don’t know any better. To them this is just how people are, they may even think this is being treated well, and if you do some how manage to be nice to them, they may think you are being an asshole. So next time you run into one of these people say “hey fucker, I put a nice shit sandwich in the fridge for you, I hope you get worms.” If they smile and wave at you, then you know I am right.



  1. Now you HAVE to read THE HELP! (Plus it’s a very good book – not a chick book although I don’t see anything wrong with chick books.)

  2. Yes, I guess I’ve known a few of these people, too. In fact, you and I came across one in an airport one time. Remember that creep?

    • at the airport?

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