Posted by: Mike Ring | September 18, 2009

crazy people (updated)

So for the first time ever we decided to give Craigslist a shot today. I am writing this entry from my cellphone with one hand, because the other one has been cut off. It is really hard to see in this basement—I am not quite sure but I think I might be sitting next to a foot.

So for real, it was not a bad too bad of an experience. We picked up some letterpress equipment. Shit, my tacos are burning.

More later.

Okay now it is later. The whole experience was kind of funny, but not really all that funny so I will give you the speedy version of the story…

We drove an hour, pulled up to a house, saw a sign that said “House under constant surveillance, trespassers will be raped” or something like that, met up with famous musician who nobody has ever heard of, dug through dead guys old shit, guy smoked the whole time, left us once to shut off some alarms, old lady started coming down a ramp, guy turned her around, went into guy’s basement, showed us a big paper cutter, we gave him some money, he gave us some shit, we took it to the University, grad student says, “this smells like a pirate ship.”

We did end up meeting the old lady and she was very nice. She had a big cat.



  1. Never underestimate the coolness of old ladies.

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