Posted by: Mike Ring | September 17, 2009

happy times

This photo was taken before I was laid off. As you can see I was extremely happy and judging by how my shirt is tucked in, I must have just peed. I used to smile like this all the time, but at some point I quit and started smiling like a normal person. I can’t remember why I quit, but I assume it was because I did it to some stranger at the mall and he punched me in the face. It is sad that making a face like this to random people is not socially acceptable, or maybe it is and I just have been missing out. I am going to go put on my high school track uniform and try it out at Food Lion.

I never ran track, WTF am I talking about.



  1. You were trying – it just took a while to get your social smile right. Let us know how it goes at Food Lion.

  2. I miss you. C looks pathetic eating lunch by himself. I love reading your blog, seems like I’m seeing you every day again. Keep your chin up.

    • C always looks pathetic, even when people are there, just kidding. Thanks for reading, if you get too bored you can always proofread my entries.

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