Posted by: Mike Ring | September 15, 2009

why you normally can’t take your dog to a pool

On the last day of every swimming season, one county pool is opened to dogs for the ” Pooches Pool Party.” Having never been to one, we decided to take our dog Griffin and try it out. When we got there, the people in charge told us the rules — the most important one being, “DO NOT LET YOUR DOG SHIT IN THE POOL. If you dog does shit in the pool, the party is over and you will all have to go home and explain to you dogs why you are being such a horrible disappointment.” Once the welcome speech was over they let us in. Half of the dogs jumped in the pool and the other half were scared to get in the water. Griffin jumped in and decided it sucked so he mainly ran around the pool and played. Everything was great for about 5 minutes and then someone yells, PHILIP NO, STOP IT PHILIP, and there was Philip grinning from ear to ear breaking the most important rule of the day. As the crowd swimming near Philip jump away for dear life, the lady pulls a bag out of her pocket plunges her hand in the pool and yanks out the offending turd then proclaims, “I got it!” assuring everyone the danger had now passed. The staff looked at one another and decided it was okay to proceed. Apparently the brown swirling cloud in the water was just fine as long as the actual piece of shit was removed. Shortly after, another dog decided Philip had a pretty good idea. People started diving out the way as the owner freaked out, but this time he didn’t have any bags with him, so he used one provided by the staff, which was biodegradable and old. Once the bag hit the water it disintegrated, so when the fisherman pulled out his catch, half a bag wrapped around his wrist and a his dog’s little gift oozed between his fingers.

This entry will continue tomorrow.

I have to add, that this is still one of the greatest events ever!



  1. Here’s my response: eeeewwwww….

  2. But funny.

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