Posted by: Mike Ring | September 11, 2009

npr is losing credibility

I was on my way to Baltimore last night and was listening to a story on NPR about a baseball player from the Tampa Bay Rays who writes poetry. He is a graduate from Columbia in blah blah blah who cares. It seemed like it would be the most boring interview on earth and I would surely fall asleep and drive off a cliff, but I listened anyway. He was a very sweet, soft-spoken boy who found everything in life to be just super. He talked about his art, some of his favorite poets and the flack he gets from fellow teammates about the books he has in his locker, which gave the host a good chuckle and left me struggling for consciousness. The interviewer asked him to recite some of his recent work, which was answered with, “Take off that fucking wig, Tyra you disgusting slut.” Then he launched into a 30 second screaming rant about Tyra Banks being the spawn of Satan. My first though was “My God… this might be the greatest poet ever.” but then I quickly realized I had somehow picked up a signal from the Opie and Anthony show, and judging by the lack of censorship it was not a public feed. How this is possible while listening to analog radio, I have no idea, but it woke me up so I wasn’t asking questions. It went on back and forth between this lighthearted baseball player and the foul-mouthed jocks for about 15 minutes. It was swell.



  1. Yeah! That was the guy who compared a reporter seeing Creatine in Mark McGwire’s locker to somebody spotting a book of poems in his own locker. Fantastic.

    I like this blog. I visit often. You write every day. Now I go potty.

  2. I like this blog too!

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