Posted by: Mike Ring | September 10, 2009

a new hobby

So I went to Food Lion to pick up a few things. In general I think Food Lion is a flaming ball of crap, but for some things it is fine. Anyway, they have a new promotion where you can collect little yellow stamps, put them on a piece of paper with a numbered grid, and trade them back in for shiny new pots and pans. God, I want them so bad. In particular I want the 7.8″ non-stick anodized aluminum frying pan. I need to collect 40 stamps and am already up to 5. It will be glorious.

Today I found a similar promotion at the gas station. For every fill-up you get a stamp, and once you reach 10, you get a free $4 car wash. AMAZING. The only problem is I am not going to be driving much for the foreseeable future.

So yay, now I have something to do.



  1. Is it 1959 where you live? Gosh, I remember when you actually went to a Green Stamp store when you’d collected enough stamps. You’d have books and books full of them, and you’d trade them for blenders or towels. It took hours to paste the stamps in the books. You’d swear you’d put them in the books as soon as you got them, but instead you’d end up with a big bag of stamps and spend an afternoon tearing them into page-sized blocks, wetting them in a sponge, and putting them in the books. I clearly remember the taste of the glue.

    • These stamps are self adhesive. I am grateful for the advancement in stamp making technology.

    • I have some old A&P plates in case Tildy has some Green Stamps kicking around.

  2. Your car will get dirty no matter how much you do or don’t drive. Trust me.

    • I am sure it will still get dirty, but I am more concerned with not spending enough on gas to get the free car wash.

  3. You have found your true calling, my friend!

    F the Washington Post! This is my new daily read.

    You’re hilarious as always.

    • Thanks! I am surprised by how many hits I have gotten already.

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